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GCs Taking On New Roles, Says Study


November 23, 2020

A Joint Study By FTI Technology and Relativity examines how corporate legal departments are responding to the pandemic, to a changing digital landscape, how they are approaching diversity, and increasing the technological competency of lawyers. The report, based on interviews with general counsel, also provides year-over-year comparisons to the findings of the previous study. Among the conclusions:  GCs are still primarily risk managers, duties that now include guarding data security and privacy, and keeping an eye on the potential for intellectual property loss (a major concern), but they are also tasked with elevating their roles in several areas that weren’t part of their traditional duties. For example, the pandemic is requiring them to function as custodians of employee safety. More than 80 percent said they are the major decision makers in determining company policies for bringing employees back to in-person work and ensuring workplace health and safety. They are also increasingly watchful about tech deficiencies in their staff, which is driving decisions about outsourcing.

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