Compliance » Gen Z In the Workforce Led To Title VII Claims

Gen Z In the Workforce Led To Title VII Claims

March 15, 2023


In February 2023, BarkerGilmore interviewed 25 Chief Compliance Officers in various industries to learn about their challenges. Their responses highlighted three trends that contributed to the expansion of their roles: 1) Customers, employees, and regulators want effective environmental, social, and governance initiatives. Companies can use ESG programs to build customer relationships and trust. CCOs are in a good position to identify ESG risks, develop policies, and ensure compliance. 2) Enterprise risk management is becoming a more significant portion of the CCO’s role. It has expanded to include analyzing risk in strategic initiatives, cybersecurity, ESG, and other areas. Third-party monitoring and risk assessment needs continue to rise. 3) Changes including remote and hybrid work, the Great Resignation, and a new generation of workers, have led to a new work culture. CCOs highlighted Gen Z’s preference for voicing concerns and advocating for change, leading to additional resources needed for investigations. One CCO noted that the influx of Gen Z into the workforce increased Title VII employment discrimination claims and investigations.

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