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Grab-Bag of FCPA Enforcement


November 4, 2021

Richard L. Cassin collects news about enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act for posts on the FCPA blog. He tries to assemble them into a weekly post, but sometimes, he explains, they just remain “random factoids.” Pretty interesting nonetheless. Here are a few: Of the 256 corporate FCPA enforcement actions through 10-28-21, 168 have involved companies headquartered in the United States – 65.6 percent; One hundred seventy-seven of the those cases involved public companies, 78 were privately-held; Forty-five of them involved oil and gas producers or energy services companies. Ten involved companies from the aerospace industry; So far in 2021, the average corporate FCPA resolution is valued at $70.5 million. In 2020, that figure was almost $535 million. In 2019, it was $207 million.

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