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Has Anyone Told the Texas Rangers About This?


September 8, 2021

The Satanic Temple is a religion that has applied for and received federal recognition. As such, it uses legal precedent —  several state Religious Freedom Restoration Acts, the Hobby Lobby precedent, the First Amendment — to protect its members from “unnecessary abortion regulations that inhibit their religious practices and force them to violate their deeply-held beliefs.” A document posted online by the TST titled “The Regulation Exemption Letter” states: “I may make decisions regarding my health based on the best scientific understanding of the world, even if the religious or political beliefs of others fail to account for the science.” The abortion ritual is one of the TST’s practices. Those who perform the ritual place themselves in a meditative and contemplative state and focus their mind on diminishing doubts and reinforcing confidence in their ability to make decisions that affect their body. The General Counsel of the TST has sent a letter to the FDA stating its right to use abortion drugs in a sacramental setting.

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