Lawsuits » Hastert Sexually Abused Five Students, Prosecutors Say

Hastert Sexually Abused Five Students, Prosecutors Say

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April 11, 2016

In documents filed last week, federal prosecutors offered stunning new details in the sexual abuse lawsuit against former House speaker Dennis Hastert. Five students were abused during Hastert’s time as a high school teacher and wrestling coach, the filing states. When confronted by investigators over cash withdrawals of hundreds of thousands of dollars, prosecutors say Hastert claimed to be the victim of extortion. But during a taped phone call with the man he accused, authorities determined Hastert had actually sexually abused the man decades earlier. Hastert withdrew $1.7 million in cash over four and half years prior to 2014, when authorities began to question him. Hastert’s lawyers have filed court papers seeking probation, saying the former lawmaker is “profoundly sorry,” but did not acknowledge the inappropriate sexual behavior with students. The plea agreement with prosecutors recommends a sentence from probation to up to six months in prison, the lowest possible sentence under federal guidelines for felony conviction.

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