Here’s Your Ring Back You Cad

By on August 1, 2019

August 1, 2019

Our engagement has lasted longer than many, begins this love letter from a client to its IP attorneys, but I have to be honest with you, I feel like we’re just going through the motions. “Our relationship is so one-sided, divided, and transactional, such an infringement of what is healthy, right, and good.” —The author reminds us that July is often considered an unlucky month for weddings, but possibly a good one to call it quits. She (it’s written gender neutral, but has a female’s point of view) says the other party should know what it takes to sustain and grow a mutually fulfilling long-term relationship, mainly caring enough to check in periodically to make sure they’re on the same page, but nooo, so it’s up to her to get the issues out in the open. Money is the big problem, but there are others. The Fiancé (Fianc?) seems so withdrawn, so oblivious to the poor gal’s needs and the many obstacles in the path to a mutually satisfactory engagement  – like those dumb emails filled with superfluous, indefinite content he keeps sending instead of taking the time to actually communicate about what is material. “Showering me with that kind of attention may help you sleep better, but it’s a serious burden on me. I get so frustrated and wish you would try to truly communicate, that we could have a heart-to-heart exchange to transform and restore our relationship….If you truly want to extend the term of our engagement, you’ve got to make a continuing investment. Clinging to what’s easy and comfortable, and what worked for us in the past, may not be sufficient going forward. Loyalty may form part of our bond, but it’s no substitute for substance.”

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