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Home Depot Exposes Canadian Customers’ Data


November 5, 2020

On Oct 28 Home Depot customers began reporting that they had received hundreds of emails from the store, each containing an order confirmation for a stranger. The company confirmed that it had inadvertently exposed the private order confirmations of hundreds of Canadians, containing names, physical addresses, email addresses, order details and partial credit-card information. One affected customer posted a screenshot of his inbox on Twitter, filled with random people’s order confirmations, tweeting: “Hey um… I’m pretty sure I received a reminder email for literally every online order that is currently ready for pick up at literally every Home Depot store in Canada. There are 660+ emails. Something has gone wrong.” Home Depot suffered one of the most high-profile data breaches ever in 2014, with 50 million credit card numbers stolen and 53 million email addresses pilfered. The company paid $19.5 million to compensate the victims, after attackers used compromised vendor credentials to gain access to its network and then the point-of-sale system. In a tweet about the latest incident, Home Depot said it was aware of what happened and had fixed the issue.

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