How Climate Change Will Upend Employment

By on June 27, 2017

June 27, 2017

The effects of climate change on such things as wildlife, water and food, migration patterns, conflict, and war are finally getting serious attention, and now “employment” can be added to that list, per a new report from the International Bar Association Global Employment Institute. This summary post includes a link to the entire document, titled “Climate Change and Human Resources Policies Report.” The 38-page analysis “focuses on the relationship between climate change and employment, and aims to contribute to nascent discussions anticipating structural changes to business and the training needs of workforces transitioning to low-carbon economies. The report also highlights potential issues in relation to employment policies, labour law, ‘weak’ jobs, ‘expanding’ jobs and new jobs. Further, it draws attention to what some countries are doing to help their nations’ employees adjust to industrial change, and how trade unions, employers and educators are working together to deliver green skills training.”


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The International Bar Association

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