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How Legal Operations Evolved and What the Future Looks Like

November 27, 2023

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Ten years ago the role of Legal Operations was primarily handling administrative tasks such as billing, vendor management, and technology planning. Over the last decade, however, the role has expanded dramatically and evolved into a more strategic role, according to an article by Epiq Global.

Legal Operations professionals now act as strategic partners bridging gaps between legal and the business, driving tailored strategies in areas such as contract management, knowledge management, regulatory compliance, metrics, and legal spend. Their involvement in decision-making regarding investments and alignment with enterprise-level goals has expanded significantly.

They also navigate tech innovation, advising on ways to leverage tools to meet strategic goals while managing and justifying tech investments. Their expertise in data analysis empowers them to formulate creative solutions, leveraging metrics and industry trends to guide decisions, benchmarking against internal and industry data, and demonstrating the legal department’s value to company leaders.

Legal operations professionals play a critical role in coordinating enterprise goals with legal service delivery as well. They facilitate the efficient and cost-effective delivery of legal services. Many are now creating legal panels consisting of pre-approved outside counsel and ensuring adherence to budget and departmental needs.

Looking into the future, legal operations’ importance will continue to increase as they connect legal departments with the broader enterprise. They are the link in building a culture of compliance, optimizing workflows, managing costs, and navigating changes in an ever-evolving business environment driven by innovation and technology.

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