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How Metrics Fit into Legal Ops

April 20, 2023


If you head the legal operations function in your organization, you will find that measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of legal departments is essential to ensure they are meeting the needs of their organizations and stakeholders. To achieve this, legal departments can track metrics related to cost, time, risk, and customer satisfaction. Examples of specific metrics include the percentage of legal work handled in-house versus outsourced, the average time to complete a contract review, and the number of lawsuits per year.


Setting goals for legal department metrics and regularly reviewing progress towards those goals is also essential. This can help identify areas where improvements can be made and help ensure that the legal department is aligned with the overall goals of the organization.


As the legal landscape becomes more complex, embracing the use of data-driven insights and analytics will prove to be a powerful tool. By tracking KPIs and setting goals, legal departments can improve their operations and demonstrate their value to the organization. Legal professionals and department leaders can benefit from these insights to measure the performance of their team and identify areas for improvement.

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