Compliance » How Privacy Regs Are Evolving

How Privacy Regs Are Evolving


October 20, 2022

Exterro recently hosted a series of webinars titled The Future of Privacy. Some predictions: Privacy laws are evolving toward widely accepted best practices, and converging toward regimes that are practical, respectful, and comprehensible, according to Ben Crew of FTI Consulting. He suggests adopting underlying best practices before regulatory change for certainty’s sake. Xavier Alabart, Privacy Aces, says the trend toward viewing personal data as belonging to its subjects will only continue, and companies would do well to adopt that underlying principle because many regulatory requirements flow logically from it, including the right to access data and the right to request deletion. Other participants noted that the assumption that data must be exfiltrated to be compromised has proven wrong, and hackers are adept at identifying new ways to exploit technology for profit.

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