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How Should Attorneys Respond To A Bad Review?


May 4, 2017

Acting on your first impulse is almost always a bad idea, even when the critic is way off base, and you are “correct.” But what should you do? Mark C. Palmer, counsel with the Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Professionalism, has some suggestions. Don’t reply, he says, “until you have properly evaluated the entire situation and drafted a well-crafted reply — if needed at all.” He looks in detail at what your options are, including how you might proceed on two popular online portals, and when and how it could make sense to “empathize” with the critic or – an option that deserves careful consideration – “let sleeping dogs lie.” This post includes links to articles dealing with this and similar questions, in opinions from bar associations in New York, San Francisco, Texas and Pennsylvania. One thing to keep in mind, above all: No matter how tempting it is or how effective it might be as a rejoinder, don’t reveal client confidences.

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