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How to Get Buy-In and Curtail Resistance to Change


May 5, 2023

When it comes to implementing organizational change, simply exhibiting excitement and communicating reasons for the change may not be effective. Research shows that this approach often leads to employee cynicism, doubt, distrust, and negativity. Successful organizations achieve change by creating a culture of change acceptance beforehand. To do this, it’s important to engage organizational change influencers early on in the process. These informal influencers are trusted and reliable voices who can build confidence and establish a foundation for change. Additionally, it’s important to provide everyone a stake in the change by holding a series of small interactive discussions where departments can identify potential roadblocks and figure out how to tailor the change to fit their areas of responsibility. 

To successfully implement change, it’s important to address any lingering issues and incorporate them into the proposed plan. Breaking the change into smaller, more manageable steps can help employees feel more comfortable and motivated to adopt the new process. It’s also important for leaders to model the desired behaviors and actively demonstrate their support for the change. Bringing in a neutral third party can help address any conflicts or resistance in a fair and impartial way. Ultimately, it’s crucial for leaders to ensure that employees understand and buy into the change for it to be successful.

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