Idaho Noncompete Law Puts Onus On Employees

By on July 17, 2017
Idaho State Capitol Building

July 17, 2017

Most states have been making it easier for people to switch jobs, but Idaho’s recently passed legislation goes full tilt in the other direction. Some employees are now required to prove they won’t harm their former employer by taking a new job. Supporters note that the statute applies only to “key employees,” but employment lawyers say that companies can use tough employment contracts to limit the rights of all workers in Idaho, not just highly paid ones. In fact, the law has its roots in a lawsuit involving a 51-year-old saleswoman who had a $48,000 a year job selling tech training courses for a Boise company named LeapFox Learning. Three years ago she quit, and started working at LeapFox’s main competitor for a $65,000 salary. LeapFox sued her, and a three-year legal battle ensued. It was settled out of court, but LeapFox’s owners lobbied successfully for the new law as a result of the experience.
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