Improve Compliance Programs to Avoid Government Investigations

By on May 31, 2017

June 1, 2017

Government investigations by enforcement or regulatory authorities cost companies millions in legal fees and settlements and can become a major distraction, and worse. Employee misconduct is a factor in many of these cases, but it’s virtually impossible to expect “continuous, self-motivated compliance from all employees, particularly in a large company with a global presence,” write attorneys Robb Adkins and Staci Yablon, in a Today’s General Counsel article. What is possible, they say, is to implement a few practical measures that will significantly reduce the likelihood of non-compliance and a subsequent investigation. Forego the 50-page manual. A good compliance program will be short, succinct, and easily translatable into other languages. Then don’t assume that if employees are not reporting problems, it’s a sign of a success. A good program should be garnering complaints and flagging issues that need attention.

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