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In The Workplace, “Active Shooter” 18 Times More Likely Than A Fire

January 22, 2019

Seattle, USA - August 12, 2013:  Police CSI officers gathered outside a cruiser investigating a shooting aboard a Seattle bus on 3rd ave in Downtown during the morning Commute.

It’s well known that active-shooter events have become more common in the United States. What’s less well known is that the overwhelming majority of them occur in the workplace, and that these events are many times more likely to occur than a fire – 18 times more likely, according to one study. Still, while fire drills are a common practice, active shooter drills remain rare. It’s time to rethink that, says this post from SAI Global. “Preparing for an active shooter incident should fall under the umbrella of life safety programs such as fire/evacuation and tornado/shelter preparedness. It should be treated as a worst case scenario that is practiced so that employees are as familiar with what to do during this incident as walking to the muster location during a fire drill.”


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