The Exchange Legal Operations Forum

The Exchange Legal Operations Chicago

Chicago, IL

October 3, 2019

The role of the general counsel has changed from a legal and ethical voice to the executive team of a corporation to a much larger role including new responsibilities within Cybersecurity, Risk and Compliance, IT and cost-analysis. Executive Legal Operations teams have been created to support/include the General Counsel in a corporate environment to optimize in-house legal services and specialize in these new areas of focus. Today’s General Counsel The Exchange Legal Operations focuses the conversation on how to best optimize this new team and tricks of the trade to optimize interaction between other corporate departments and outside legal support.

There is also a tremendous amount of networking time built in as well!

This highly interactive colloquium will provide a deep understanding and practical advice regarding major legal operations challenges facing organizations today:

  • AI in Legal Operations
  • The Evolution of Legal Staffing & LPOs
  • Driving Change & Progress in a Corporate Legal Department
  • Leveraging Existing Operational Investments for Greater Returns
  • Information Privacy & Governance in Legal Operations: Protecting Data & The Business
  • Aligning Your Resources & Tasks to Optimize Value
  • Improving Contract Management Processes to Achieve Greater Transparency & Compliance
  • Beyond Doing More with Less: Doing the Right Things with The Right Team
  • Legal Operations & eDiscovery
  • Partnering Across the Business to Ensure the Success of The Legal Operations’ Mission
  • The Economics of Legal Pricing
  • Outside Counsel Management: Selection, Engagement & Negotiation
  • Positioning the Legal Department for 2018 and Beyond
  • And more…




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