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International Hacker Group Busted

Team of Internationally Wanted Teenage Hackers Infect Servers and Infrastructure with Ransomware. Their Hideout is Dark, Neon Lit and Has Multiple displays.

May 7, 2020

On May 5, Europol announced the arrest of five Polish hackers who were part of the Infinity Black hacking group. The group was known for operating the Infinity[.]black website, where they sold access to “collections” of user credentials. The collections were assembled by gathering usernames and passwords leaked during data earlier breaches. According to a Europol press release, the group concentrated on online services running loyalty programs. They would sell the accounts to other criminals, who would exchange the loyalty points for expensive electronic devices. Swiss authorities began investigating Infinity Black after it accessed a large number of accounts belonging to Swiss users and sold access to other online gangs. According to the press release, the losses were estimated at $54,234, but the hackers had access to accounts with potential losses of more than $661,662. Polish police said they seized electronic equipment, external hard drives, and hardware cryptocurrency wallets, all worth around $108,000. They also seized two online platforms with databases containing over 170 million stolen user credentials. The group’s leader, an individual known as Azatej, is believed to have been arrested.

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