Litigation » Judge Gives Musk More Bot Account Info From Twitter

Judge Gives Musk More Bot Account Info From Twitter


August 25, 2022

Elon Musk has made wide-ranging demands for extra information in the lawsuit Twitter has filed to force him to go through with his agreement to acquire the platform for $44 billion. Apparently he will get some of it. The judge in the case ordered Twitter to partially comply with a motion requesting documents from 22 additional Twitter employees that his attorneys claim have information on how the company analyzes spam or “bot” accounts. Twitter is already providing information from 41 so-called “custodians” of information as part of the case. The motion was filed confidentially, so it doesn’t appear on the court’s docket, nor do Musk’s arguments that Twitter is making fraudulent claims about its user numbers and metrics. In the initial hearing between the two parties, the judge agreed that the case against Musk could proceed to trial by October.

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