Judge Tosses Wine Bar’s Suit Against Trump

By on December 6, 2018

December 6, 2018

District Judge Richard J. Leon has dismissed a suit alleging that Donald Trump was using the presidency to bring customers into the downtown DC Trump International Hotel, which he owns but does not actively manage. The owners of Cork Wine Bar alleged that Trump was attracting customers who otherwise might drink in Logan Circle, where their bar is located. The judge wrote that the plaintiffs might reasonably consider the business advantages Trump leverages as President “unseemly, if not unethical,” but those advantages are not a violation of the city’s anti-competition law. If he sided with the plaintiffs, he worried that he “would be foreclosing all manner of prominent people from pop singers to celebrity chefs to professional athletes from taking equity in the companies they promote. Indeed, I would be reading the ‘unfair’ right out of ‘unfair competition.’ This I cannot do!” The president’s son Eric called the decision a significant victory for the Trump organization. An appeal is in the works.
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