Lawyer Ethics » “Just Lazy,” Attorney Forges Judge Signatures More Than 100 Times

“Just Lazy,” Attorney Forges Judge Signatures More Than 100 Times

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August 10, 2017

A South Florida lawyer who admitted signing judges’ names to settlement approval documents in more than 100 cases has been sentenced to 364 days in jail and ten years probation. It was not a money-making scheme, but rather a case of a lawyer being “purely lazy,” in the words of Broward Circuit Judge Marina Garcia-Wood, who testified in the case and was one of the judges whose signature was forged. It was she who brought the practice to a halt after she noticed an order purportedly signed by her, on a date when she was out of town. The attorney, Jose Camacho, is described as an affable father of three with long-standing ties to the justice system – his father was a cop and his sister a former Broward County prosecutor now working with the police department. He specialized in a high-volume practice handling structured settlements, each of which had to be signed by a judge. Because South Florida courts have been clogged since the housing crash, he often found himself confronting a backlog, a problem he finds he could solve by signing the order himself.

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