Litigation » Kagan Gives Glimpse Into SCOTUS Inner Workings

Kagan Gives Glimpse Into SCOTUS Inner Workings

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September 8, 2014

Returning to her alma mater last week, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan gave some insight into the Court’s inner workings, including her continual reminders of where she stands in the pecking order. As the newest member of the Court, Kagan told Harvard Law Dean Martha Minow during a Sept. 5 talk, she is expected to answer the door when the justices meet in conference. And, she is last to comment in case discussions. Though some questioned whether serving as Solicitor General was enough preparation for serving on the Supreme Court, Kagan said she believes the job was “a kind of crash course in the Supreme Court and how it operates and what the justices were thinking about.” She also divulged that crafting her opinions, which are renowned for being easily readable, takes more than one draft. “Mostly I just work at it, and work at it the more,” she said.

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