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Late Adapter Finds Three Cool Apps


August 19, 2015

Kevin LeCroix in the D&O diary, always a good read, says he didn’t get an iPhone until last December but since then has been on a tear and has found some amazing apps, free or dirt-cheap. One of them will translate from and to selected languages just by holding your phone in front of the text. Another turns your iPhone into a scanner, allowing you to do thing things like capture documents, business cards and your own handwritten notes while on a trip and then email them to yourself in the form of a PDF. After detailing his top three, he takes a quick look at a few more, including “The D&O Scout” that allows you to ask questions about D&O insurance, and another that could be of interest to those who thinks it’s creepy that Google knows everything you’ve ever searched for and probably won’t forget it. This one allows you to do searches without leaving tracks.

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