Legal Operations » Legal Operations: Collaborating With Your Legal Tech Vendor

Legal Operations: Collaborating With Your Legal Tech Vendor

December 6, 2023

Legal Operations: Collaborating With Your Legal Tech Vendor

Legal tech vendors are fundamental to digital transformation in corporate legal departments and optimize the legal operations team. Selecting and working with an outside vendor, however, presents challenges and risks for Legal Operations, according to an article by Bigle Legal. Legal operations professionals will need to define the department’s processes and workflows clearly and ask questions about the vendor’s track record, integration facilities, data security measures, customer care approach, and associated costs.

Here are five keys to establishing trusting, healthy, and mutually beneficial relationships with legal tech vendors, as highlighted in a blog post on

  1. The vendor must be transparent about software features and provide clear explanations of the solutions they plan to offer.
  2. The vendor must have an understanding of the legal department’s processes. This is essential for customizing solutions and ensuring a smooth implementation. Make sure the vendor wants to be a strategic partner and can function as a consultant throughout the process.
  3. The vendor must offer a realistic timeline. Make sure the vendor understands the scale of your needs so that you can collaborate on a timeline that is achievable and fits your objectives.
  4. The vendor must have extensive legal industry knowledge. Actively participating in industry discussions and staying connected to market trends are positive indicators of a vendor’s capability to adapt to new challenges and innovate.
  5. The vendor must demonstrate solid communication skills. Collaborate with the vendor in establishing clear communication channels at the beginning of the relationship. Promoting openness and encouraging constant feedback are critical.

Establishing an optimal relationship between Legal Operations and legal tech vendors is challenging. Make sure that the vendor you choose has services tailored to your needs and an experienced team to set you on the path to a successful transformation.

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