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Long-Term Vision and Short-Term Strategies


June 16, 2022

When introducing new strategies, responding to the ever-shifting business environment, you need to align them your company’s vision. Evaluate whether the short-term strategic shifts are consistent with the long-term vision of your company. This process can help assess whether the company vision is clear or whether it needs to be revised.

Sometimes short-term strategic shifts are unavoidable, such as the need to respond to calls for social change. Responding to social movements can put pressure on companies to act quickly and publicly, as can demands from investors to turn around poor financial results. Wherever the pressure to change your strategy comes from, consider not only whether you can align the changes with your company’s long-term vision but how you can accelerate pursuit of that vision. 

Of course, aligning your strategy with your long-term vision is predicated on having a vision. Test this by asking yourself how your company or department will set itself apart from the competition, attract talent, and be financially or operationally sustainable. Putting your long-term vision front and center is a critical first step.  Without a vision to guide you, responsive strategic shifts will get you somewhere, but not necessarily where you want to go. 

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