Make the Most Of Your Relationship With Outside Counsel

By on February 8, 2019

February 8, 2019

Exterro, a provider of e-discovery and other legal software, surveyed professionals at law firms on a wide range of topics, including client relationship management; project management; and e-discovery services, staffing, and technology. There were some interesting specific findings, including that most clients  (more than three quarters per the survey) are asking for reduced rates or alternative billing relationships, and that law firm e-discovery services have grown significantly over the last five years, with 85 percent of respondents seeing “substantial” or “slight” growth in demand from clients. But overall the results had a singular message, writes Nishad Shevde, Exterro’s Managing Director of Client Operations: “Clients should ask for and expect to receive better and more collaborative e-discovery counseling from law firms.”

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