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New Easy-to-Use Training Methodologies Legal Ops Can Try

New Easy-to-Use Training Methodologies Legal Ops Can Try

July 4, 2023

Technology, society, and work itself are all changing, and organizations face a problem: Their employees lack key skills for business success. In-house training programs are vital to keeping your workforce meeting the skills they need. These are some of the new easy-to-use methodologies: microlearning, upskilling and reskilling, real-time feedback and in-app experiences. Try them either with your team or work with your company’s training department. With microlearning, employees learn through extremely short sessions, often no more than five minutes so afterward your employees can quickly get back to work. Microlearning may introduce them to new ideas, revisit knowledge they have learned previously and help them retain key information. 


Upskilling and reskilling mean just what they say. These two methodologies help build resilience, adaptability and internal agility. Rather than chasing new hires, they will enable you to build on your employee base to stay up-to-date. While employees get feedback during performance reviews, real-time feedback gives them constant feedback on their work. They can be quickly directed to remedial coaching, information or guidance to resolve their problems. With in-app experiences and contextual help systems, employees have convenient access to the training needed. They don’t have to go outside of their workflow for this guidance, which is in small bits and easily digestible. In-app experiences are an excellent option for specialist training needs. Good training improves both the employee experience and company resilience and ensures positive outcomes. 

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