News » NY AG Went In the Tank For Cuomo, Turned Out To Be a Shark

NY AG Went In the Tank For Cuomo, Turned Out To Be a Shark


March 5, 2021

Letitia James was the first New York City Council candidate to win office solely as a nominee of the Working Families Party. Her time in office earned her a reputation as an outspoken progressive and someone the city’s Democratic establishment feared. There was only one big obstacle to her climb up the political ladder. She didn’t have money behind her. That problem disappeared when she made a deal with Governor Andrew Cuomo. He would endorse her for attorney general and open his donor network to her, but she would have to endorse him, and publicly refuse the support of the Working Families Party. Cuomo apparently thought he had her in his pocket, but his political fate is now in her hands, and she’s proving to be merciless. Her office’s late January report on his flawed coronavirus response began his downward slide, and her investigation into the many reports of sexual harassment that are surfacing against him may well force his resignation.

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