Lawsuits » NY Sues Time Warner Over Slow Internet Speeds

NY Sues Time Warner Over Slow Internet Speeds

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February 14, 2017

The attorney general of New York is suing Time Warner Cable, alleging the company failed to deliver the internet speeds it promised to customers. The company was said to be renting to consumers, as part of the package they were paying for, modems that could not deliver the speeds that were promised. The complaint, filed on Feb 1 (citing the name of Time Warner’s successor company), alleges that from “at least January 1, 2012 to the present … Spectrum-TWC conducted a systematic scheme to defraud and mislead subscribers to its Internet service by promising to deliver Internet service that it knew it could not and would not deliver.” A related article about the lawsuit from Consumer Reports says this case “is a reminder that buying a modem and router yourself is nearly always a better idea than renting the devices from your cable company.”

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