Old Sexual Violence Charges Won’t Derail This Career

By on February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

Boxing may be one of the last big-time careers where an old sexual assault allegation – or sometimes even a conviction, as in the case of Floyd Mayweather – can be “slipped” like a weak left jab. But according to this article by Keith Idec, that may be about to change. Boxing officials, he says, are now trying to figure it out in a way that allows them to keep their business intact and still remain sensitive to the social issue. If the views of Kathy Duva, CEO of boxing promotion company Main Events, are an indication, they will strike a balance that tilts a bit more to the “defendant” than the current one that dominates politics and most companies. “We don’t have any right to breach our contracts because we don’t like what somebody accused someone of doing,” Duva said. “There also is the right anyone who has been accused of anything has to defend themselves. We’re not gonna usurp their right to do that by passing judgment on them. If somebody is no longer available because he has been sent to jail, then they’re not gonna fight.” Duva, who is a Seton Hall law school graduate and heads a company that is mostly made up of women, maintains that it’s not her role to judge people. “That’s why there’s a court system,” she says.

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