Outraged Attorney Files Suit Against NFL

By on January 30, 2019

January 30, 2019

Louisiana attorney Frank D’Amico Jr. has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell over a blown call that may have cost the New Orleans Saints the NFC championship and a slot in the Super Bowl. The play, arguably a game-changer, resulted in an incomplete pass when the refs missed an obvious interference/roughing the receiver infraction against Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman. The plaintiff wants the game played over, which Goodell has the authority to order. Similar suits have been filed before, and they’re hopeless, writes Eric Macramalla, an attorney and a sports journalist. Courts routinely dismiss them, ruling that the failure to satisfy the subjective expectations of spectators at a sporting event is not actionable. Attorney D’Amico may find a sympathetic judge in Louisiana who lets him into court, but alas, there is only way it can end – Rams v. Patriots in the Super Bowl. But not all is lost, writes Macramalla. “For Mr. D’Amico this lawsuit represents a good promotional tool in what is a crowded legal market.”
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