Overlooked Criteria For Your Next In-House Hire

By on March 8, 2019

March 8, 2019

Based on an informal survey of general counsel from multiple industries, the author lists the most important criteria to use when hiring for the legal department, aside from credentials, work experience, and references. Cultural fit tops the list. Be sure any new hire is someone you would want to spend time with and who you believe will work well with the people currently in your organization. But don’t hire carbon copies of the existing team. Diversity in age, ethnicity, etc. can generate new approaches. Be careful not to bring in a lawyer who feels entitled by pedigree. Look for flexibility. The best addition may be someone who can adapt quickly to changes in her designated role. Curiosity is another good trait, someone who wants to understand “why” and is not hesitant to ask, “why not?” Those are the keys to being a great business partner, not just another in-house lawyer.

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