Intellectual Property » Is The “Patent Troll” Narrative A Red Herring?

Is The “Patent Troll” Narrative A Red Herring?

October 26, 2017

Hypocrisy - dissimulation in internet and social networks

A post from Richard Lloyd would say the answer is yes, and that an overdue counterattack shows signs of gathering strength. The “pro-patent lobby” finally appears to be getting its act together at least from a media and PR standpoint, he says, pointing to recent articles in the Financial Times and one not-so-recent column from Joe Nocera in the New York Times. According to Lloyd, the demonization of patent trolls is a cover for anti-patent policies that benefit a narrow group of powerful constituencies – essentially the high-tech sector of Silicon Valley – at the expense of pharmaceutical companies and other sectors where R&D is a crucial element of the business plan. As a Financial Times writer put it, “Pushing back on patents has been great for Big Tech, which of course has its own IP to protect, but increasingly monetizes data and IP created by others.”

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