Pending CA Ammo Law Spurs A Run On Bullets, Lawsuit From The NRA

By on June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

A pending law that puts some restrictions on the purchase of ammunition has gun owners stocking up. The law, scheduled to into effect in July, will require buyers to show photo ID and sellers to get the buyer’s name, birth date and current address. The seller will also have to check online to see if the buyer is on a DOJ list of people who can’t buy firearms. Buyers will be assessed one dollar for the background check. In the meantime an Olympic gold medalist shooter, backed by the National Rifle Association, has filed a lawsuit to block the law. She says she uses thousands of rounds a week to stay in practice. This law, she says, would prevent her from staying qualified “and not only hurt my skill, but jeopardize the United States’ representation at the Olympic Games.” A man who teaches a course on making your own ammunition says that interest in his course is up.

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