Litigation » Pfizer Director Testifies He Nixed Deal With Theranos

Pfizer Director Testifies He Nixed Deal With Theranos

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October 26, 2021

A former director of diagnostics at Pfizer advised his company that he discouraged any deals with Theranos. “Theranos unconvincingly argues the case for having accomplished tasks of interest to Pfizer,” he wrote in a report. Attorneys for defendant Elizabeth Holmes had repeatedly asked the judge to keep jurors from seeing the report, but he allowed prosecutors to present it. The director also called Theranos evasive and non-informative in its answers to due diligence questions. Jurors were also told about Theranos’ use of the Pfizer logo in their company report, implying that Pfizer had supported Theranos’ technology, but the director wrote that he didn’t know of anyone at Pfizer who had done so. The document was later shared with Walgreens and other investors.

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