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Planning a CLM Transformation? Three Tips for Legal Ops

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July 20, 2023

As digital transformation continues across organizations, contract lifecycle management (CLM) is gaining more and more attention. For Legal Ops, this focus can be a double-edged sword. In theory, contract technology should make contract processes faster and easier for legal departments and for the benefit of the entire enterprise. In practice, two common challenges emerge: either other departments choose solutions that work best for them, leaving legal in the lurch, or legal teams take the lead with solutions that work for legal but are not adopted across the organization. It is evident that contract transformations require input and cooperation across the organization. 

These are three important considerations for Legal Ops teams that want to drive a successful transformation effort: (1) listen and learn to understand what matters to other departments; (2) integrate the CLM system into tools other departments already use; and (3) align on KPIs and analyze data to demonstrate results. With the right cross-functional approach, Legal Ops can get in the driver’s seat for a digital transformation project that will pay significant dividends for the entire organization. 

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