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Preparing For The California Consumer Privacy Act

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October 24, 2019

U.S. privacy law will be fundamentally changed on January 1, when the California Consumer Privacy Act becomes effective. Covered businesses will need to provide California residents with a number of privacy-related rights, including the right to know what personal information about them is being collected and how it’s being shared, and the right to have it deleted. This Today’s General Counsel article discusses what companies need to do to make sure they are prepared. That would include completing an inventory of what personal information is flowing into the organization, making sure the organization knows the full extent of its own website presence (including sites that may be dormant), understanding how the organization is using cookies, and making sure the company has reasonable information security measures in place. For many companies, one of the first steps will be to analyze their organizational structure in order to determine which entities must be treated separately, a determination that in turn will affect how certain requests will need to be fielded.


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