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Are you Harnessing the Power of Intake to Maximize Compliance & Efficiency?

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Legal Suite

Sable Arrieta, Head of Legal Operations, IO Global Singapore (IOG/IOHK)
Ramy Barsoum, Sales Engineer & Product Expert, North America, Legal Suite

It’s a common occurrence – numerous company departments make a request of the legal department and before long, a request has snowballed into multiple communication chains, fallen into the email abyss, or been forwarded to the point where ownership assignment is lost. When this happens, response time is delayed, errors can occur with a rushed or escalated request being less carefully studied, and the risk of negative implications in all matters including financial, legal and PR increase dramatically.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss with IO Global Singapore’s Head of Legal Operations how having in place a trusted Intake Process for the receipt, routing, and management of requests allows legal departments to:

  • Prioritize their work
  • Respond to internal department requests in a timely and consistent manner
  • Reduce errors and omissions
  • Increase collaboration between legal departments and the rest of the organization
  • Allow for tracking and reporting on incoming requests to legal

Join us to learn from industry insiders the different challenges legal departments face and the processes they put in place to optimize their department’s efficiency enabling them to reduce risks and maximize control of their department.

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