Data Governance Unleashed: Transforming Privacy Concepts into Concrete Reality
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DATE: Thursday, October 12, 2023
TIME: 1:00PM ET / 12:00 PM CT
Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Exterro

K Royal, JD, PhD, Global Chief Privacy Officer, Crawford & Company
Ashish Shrowty, Chief Product Officer & Co- Founder, Divebell
MODERATOR: Fahad Diwan, JD, FIP, CIPP/M, CIPP/C, Director of Product Management, Exterro

We invite you to join us for a presentation that unlocks the tools and strategies you need to conquer the intricate world of privacy compliance. From uncovering hidden data treasures to orchestrating their secure deletion, this session will guide you through the realm of complete data visibility, strategic action, and automated governance using the revolutionary capabilities of Exterro Privacy.

Key practical strategies include:

  • Transform data into actionable insights, bolstering your legal strategy and decision-making.
  • Learn to pinpoint data locations accurately, classify data effectively, and ensure compliance with diverse privacy regulations.
  • Discover how you can automate compliance workflows, reducing manual effort and minimizing risks.

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