iDiscovery Solutions
Fact Crashing™: Accelerating Data Analysis to Resolve Disputes

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and iDiscovery Solutions

Daniel Regard, Technology Futurist/Founder & CEO, iDS, iDiscovery Solutions

We live in a time of digital pioneers, all looking to find new ways to combine the inventions of mobility, location, and social media to enable a new standard of living in the world.

The by-product of this innovation is data – a source of evidence that has not previously existed in any comparable volume, diversity, granularity, or applicability. It is, literally, a new type of evidence.

This new evidence provides us the rare, once-in-a-generation ability to rethink how we resolve disputes, and how we navigate the cost of litigation.

In the Fact Crashing™ webinar, Dan Regard, Founder and CEO at iDS, covers the 9 Principles of Fact Crashing™, along with the necessary tools needed to help change the way we litigate.

In addition, you’ll learn more about:

  • What Fact Crashing™ is, and why it’s important.
  • The iDS Fact Crashing™ process and what you can expect.
  • How ACTION data works to settle disputes and questions of fact.
  • How to use data as an asset and not a liability.

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