How GC’s & Corporate Legal Teams are Capitalizing on State Court Intelligence + Judicial Analytics to Surface Strategic Insights
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Trellis

Nicole Clark, CEO, Trellis Research

Join Trellis Research & Today’s General Counsel for an engaging webinar as we cover how state court intelligence and judicial analytics enables GC’s and corporate legal teams to – suss out nuisance cases, reduce company legal spend and litigation risk, forecast legal costs, improve win rates and pinpoint the best outside counsel when needed.

We’ll show you how to uncover actionable insights on: choosing outside counsel, venue, settlement, overseeing litigation, opposing counsel, motions, dockets, and judges!

Discover how to leverage state court intelligence and judicial analytics to be more efficient, more proactive, and achieve better results for your company & clients. You’ll learn why you need state court intelligence and judicial analytics to get ahead.

Topics will include:

  • • Tracking Your State Court Cases All In ONE Place
  • • Keeping More Matters In House
  • • Evaluating Outside Litigation Counsel
  • • Gaining Intel On State Trial Court Judges
  • • Drafting Motions Efficiently In-House