In-House eDiscovery Benchmarks: Key Takeaways from Logikcull’s Corporate In-Housing Survey

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Logikcull

Robert Hilson, VP, Marketing, Logikcull
Casey Sullivan, Head of Content, Logikcull

How are corporate legal teams handling increased pressures to cut costs, in-source work, and take control over their litigation and investigations process? We asked. Join Logikcull and Today’s General Counsel as we dive deep into the results of the 2021 Corporate In-Housing Survey, looking at new benchmarks on in-house approaches to discovery, cost control, and litigation management. See how in-house legal teams are changing their approaches to discovery, what’s driving those changes, and what challenges are faced along the way—including new insights on the impact of COVID-19 on long-term trends.

Join us as we explore the survey results, including:

  • -An overview of the typical in-house litigation docket
  • -What discovery and investigation work is moving in house
  • -The most effective cost control strategies, as ranked by survey respondents
  • -How COVID-19 has impacted in-house teams and what impacts in-house leaders expect to stay for the long haul
  • -And more!