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Creating a Modern, Compliant, Easier-to-Execute Records Retention Schedule

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Contoural

Mark Diamond, CEO & President, Contoural

Many record retention schedules started from hardcopy, paper-based records programs. Yet today, more than 95% of the documents organizations create or receive are sourced in digital format.  Accordingly, programs based on historic paper-centric record retention schedules are much more difficult to execute and harder to ensure they meet compliance requirements.

In this webinar, experts from Contoural, the largest independent provider of Strategic Information Governance Consulting services will discuss:

  • How organizations can create modern and more compliant records retention schedules to better handle both paper and electronic information
  • Tips to privacy-enable your schedule
  • Questions to consider to determine if your record retention schedule is in need of an update
  • Benefits of utilizing a modernized program including: compliant preparedness, ease of execution, and more

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