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Learn Why Retention of Knowledge and Increasing Employee Satisfaction is Essential to Future Profitability

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Legal Suite

Joan Elizabeth Fox, Manager of US Sales and Operations, Legal Suite

The use of technology to manage email, billing, and general matter, is ubiquitous to the practice of corporate law. How are you growing beyond this to truly manage knowledge and create greater employee satisfaction?

A company’s most valuable resource is your seasoned employees and the knowledge they have developed over the course of their careers. No technology can replace this asset.

Today, employees are seeking a better work/life balance and greater satisfaction in their work. This may have begun as a trend during the pandemic, but the reality is that companies must retain knowledge and their employees to grow and be profitable.

As legal leadership you must start asking:

  • How are we leveraging the experience of our seasoned employees?
  • Have we established a process to ensure the retention of tribal knowledge and a way to share this knowledge across the corporate ecosystem?
  • Do we provide employees with the tools they need to minimize the mind-numbing administrative tasks and maximize their skills to achieve greater job satisfaction?

Join this webinar to learn how to develop a strategy to retain knowledge and share knowledge internally, and create a better work/life balance for your employees.