Mastering Document Review – Rethinking How to Review Data to Save Time/Money
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Exterro

Ross Dubinsky, Director – Legal Management Consulting, Stout
Jim Mitchell, Managing Director – Legal Management Consulting, Stout
David Yerich, Esq., Director of E-Discovery, UnitedHealth Group
Michael Hamilton, Director of Marketing Programs, Exterro

Document review is the most expensive part of litigation. Often times, legal teams are looking for new ways to efficiently review documents but that’s only half the challenge. What legal professionals also must be assessing is how much data is making it to document review and if there is a to way scope down the amount of data that is reviewed in the first place.

Register for this upcoming webcast and learn how to review documents faster but also create a document review workflow that will save you time and money, including:

  • • How to collaborate and simplify the document review process between IT, law firms, service providers and in-house legal personnel
  • • Strategies for unearthing the most important documents first and how that can streamline the rest of you review workload
  • • Top features/functionalities to look for in document review technology