Redefining the Legal Department Mission: Transforming In-house Counsel into Strategic Business Partners
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Everlaw

Shana Simmons, General Counsel, Everlaw
Chris Young, General Counsel, Ironclad
Catherine Choe, Sr Legal Operations Manager, Everlaw

The scope of a general counsel’s responsibilities and expectations continues to grow as the industries continue to adapt to new realities. Based on findings from the Chief Executive Group, 70% of chief executives surveyed believe that an ideal general counsel should serve as both a strategic business partner and as a key member of its leadership team. However, only 55% of those CEOs said that their current general counsels fill those roles. This begs the question: What barriers do today’s general counsels face that are holding them back?

Many general counsels admittedly struggle with being caught up in the day-to-day and dealing with life through their inboxes, essentially missing the bigger picture. Oftentimes, they feel limited by the role description versus what they could be in reality.

This session will explore their journeys from high-growth legal tech start-ups and their advice to current and future general counsel leaders on how to position themselves as better business advisors by shifting away from the tactical towards prioritizing strategic initiatives.

Join us on June 22 at 10am PST to learn about:

  • -Shifting mindsets from having a customer-centric approach as an attorney in a firm to becoming an equal business partner invested in the growth of the company
  • -Building sustainable workflows to move away from daily transactional aspects
  • -Investing in digital transformation to automate and scale systems and processes
  • -And, more!