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Setting a Solid Foundation for a Practical and Effective Data Breach Response

Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Exterro

Amalia Barthel, Privacy Consultant & Advisor, University of Toronto
Jason M. Schwent, Senior Counsel, Clark Hill
Rebecca Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

Today’s cybersecurity landscape is increasingly complex. Data breach frequency is accelerating, and ransomware poses an ever-growing threat. An effective response to these incidents is critical to mitigating breach impact. Organizations that have implemented a systematic and orchestrated approach to their response across the entire organization will limit both the technical and reputation damage an incident can cause and improve your defensibility in subsequent litigation.

Ensuring consistency and efficiency across multiple stakeholders and seamless handoffs between departments, a well-designed and executed plan, reliable and secure communication, fully trackable and auditable activities are the pillars of a solid foundation of a practical Data Breach response. How can organizations leverage technology to build a sustainable and accountable approach to demonstrate compliance and improve defensibility?

Join us as we explore how taking a standardized approach to your incident response plan is key to an effective response.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • • A Framework for creating and implementing an incident response that limits the legal and regulatory risk
  • • Key automation challenges and benefits
  • • How to maintain privilege and communicate with outside counsel while executing a defensible response

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