The Crossroads of Data Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Compliance: What’s At Risk and How To Prepare
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DATE: Tuesday, November 7, 2023
TIME: 1:00PM ET / 12:00 PM CT
Presented by Today’s General Counsel and KLDiscovery

Eric M. Robinson, JD/PMP, Vice President, Global Advisory Services & Strategic Client Solutions, KLDiscovery

Building on the record-breaking interest in our last webinar, US Data Privacy Laws: What’s at Risk and How to Prepare, we now turn the discussion to a concern of many organizations—how to achieve compliance at the crossroads of data privacy and cybersecurity. Where do they intersect? How does one impact the other? How can compliance teams successfully adapt?

In this webinar, Eric Robinson, KLDiscovery’s VP, Global Advisory Services & Strategic Client Solutions will discuss these top-of-mind topics and provide strategic insights on:

  • Proactive engagement in the face of evolving global data privacy regulation and cross-border business
  • Operationalizing data privacy to position your organization to comply with the growing spider web of US state and global data privacy regulations
  • Integrating AI in data privacy and cyber incident response
  • Data management and information governance, including defensible disposition

Register to attend this live discussion or to ensure you receive a recording of the event if you are unable to attend. If you missed the first webinar and would like to view it on-demand, you will find a link to the recording here.