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Why Your Document Review Process is Likely Broken
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Presented by Today’s General Counsel and Exterro

Jennifer Hamilton, General Counsel, Exterro
Linda Luperchio, Director, Information Lifecycle Governance & e-Discovery, The Hanover Insurance Group Inc.
Michael Hamilton, Sr. Director – E-Discovery, Exterro

Document review is the most expensive stage within the discovery process and it’s vital for cost-conscious legal teams to periodically re-evaluate their document review process. Additionally with a variety of new data privacy risks (e.g. new privacy regulations like the CCPA, GDPR and heightened data breach threats), there are numerous big security considerations legal teams must account for when storing sensitive data.

Now, innovative legal departments are heavily investing in people, process and technology that focus on updating how they work with third parties (law firms, vendors) when conducting document review to save them time, money and ensure defensibility.

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  • Why your document review strategy may be broken if you are still using third parties to conduct all review activities
  • How to optimize your document review process for more control, lower costs and earlier identification of key information
  • Best Practices and examples of how other legal departments have done this

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