Puzzle For Regulators, As Utilities See $ In Electric Vehicles

By on April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

Electric vehicles are generally considered a major environmental advance over the dirty and inefficient internal-combustion products they are beginning to replace. They are also voracious consumers of electricity. Some electric utilities are finding they have an interest in promoting electric vehicles, and possibly becoming involved in EV infrastructure, such as by owning and operating charging stations. For state regulators this is proving to be a challenge, as questions arise over unfair competition and whether or to what extent ratepayers should pay to develop this business. A post from law firm Perkins Coie looks at how this issue is being handled, and in particular why one state “because of – rather than in spite of – the nascent nature of the EV charging market” decided its utilities should be allowed to use ratepayer dollars to advance EV deployment.


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